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Marijuana Edibles: How to Get the Right Dosage

October 4, 2017


Edibles are straight up fantastic. What’s better than combining the medicinal effects of weed with some tasty treats? But, just eating it is not enough, man. That’s the best way to find yourself with an uncomfortable high. Especially when you’re trying to get just the right dose of medicine.


If you’re that person or maybe you’re just curious about edibles, read on for some how to’s of getting the right dose.


The Right Dose


Here’s the thing with edibles: people often get too little marijuana or too much. They’ll write off edibles as not for them or they’ll have a bad time with the unexpected high. Neither of these things need to happen!


But Why Even Edibles?


Straight up, some people just don’t like to toke up. Others don’t want to complicate their health by putting smoke in their lungs. Edibles are great for eating in public; a brownie or some gummies won’t draw attention like smoking will. Finally, the effect of an edible can be very different from any other method.


How Do They Work?


When you eat a marijuana edible, your body will digests and metabolize the brownie, gummy or or drink. It will be a while before the THC or CBD enters your bloodstream and the effects kick in. Pay attention here: you will not feel the effects right away and you will not have any warning signals like you would with smoking.


Everybody’s Different


Don’t be led on by somebody else’s experience. Metabolism and body fat are major factors in how everybody reacts.


Read the Label


Every edible should have a label. This label has information on it. Read it.


How Many Milligrams?


When you’re about to chow down on an edible, you should be able to estimate the amount of THC each piece or liquid has. A standard dose of THC is 10 milligrams. So, for example, if you have a chocolate bar with 100mg of THC, you should be able to split it up into 10 pieces. Then, you’ll have doses of 10 milligrams each. Presto! Now, you have a dose. You can do the same math for tinctures or drinks.


Start Small


A small dose goes a long way. Especially if you’re new to edibles.


Be Patient


Take your dose and wait it out. Your goal is to find a reliable dose through small increments.


Types of Edible


Every edible is different. A chocolate bar will give you a different experience than a gummy or a tincture will. And they will change from person to person.


A Different High


The effect you get from an edible is different than the one you get from smoking. It can be much more intense than anything else, even concentrates.


Take With (Non-Infused) Food


The emptier your stomach is, the faster the effects will hit. So, definitely eat something first. Otherwise, you won’t be able to measure the right dose you need.


Smoking Tolerance is Not Edible Tolerance


Say it with me. Smoking tolerance is not edible tolerance. One more time. Smoking tolerance is not edible tolerance! No matter how much you are able to smoke, it won’t translate in how much you can eat. Even a heavy smoker can be an edible weakling.


But What If I Get Too High?


Just try to relax and breathe normally. Nobody has ever died from a marijuana overdose. It might last a while, but you will get through it, and it will all return to normal. Finally, remember how much you ate so you don’t do it again.


Eat Me. Drink Me.


Don’t be like Alice in Wonderland! Figure out the right dose you need. Once you do, you’ll be able to indulge in your favorite treat or drink. After all, we all just want to feel better.


About Isabella Wilson: Isabella Wilson is a marketing specialist at the award-winning Essence Cannabis Dispensary in Las Vegas, NV. Her primary focus is on the development and implementation of strategic marketing strategies. Isabella is an expert on medical and recreational marijuana, and how to market it.

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