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APP REVIEW: Strainprint - the Cannabis Consumption Tracking App

August 23, 2017


For quite some time now, people have been looking for a better way to track the efficacy of the different strains of medicinal cannabis that they use to treat their different types of illnesses. The idea of writing it all down in a notebook, keeping that organized, and being able to compare notes with yourself or your physician seems daunting. The idea of being able to get data-driven recommendations and compare notes with others...absolutely impossible... until now. 


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Recently, a new mobile app that solves all of these problems (and more!) for patients hit both Google Play and the Apple App Store. That app, is Strainprint.


Strainprint's self-described mission "is to help people use cannabis in the most effective way possible. By guiding patients to track their own cannabis intake, we will help to refine and improve treatment. It is our aim to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis and its legitimization as a therapy."



For many, an app like this could be a game changer in the way that they figure out the best way possible to treat their illness. We downloaded Strainprint, and opened it up to get a better idea of how it looks, works, and its usefulness. Whether you're a medical marijuana patient or a casual recreational consumer, we think everyone could benefit from using this app. Find out why...


What We Loved:


Before even opening the app, Strainprint gets two thumbs up from us, as we loved it based on the concept alone. It's more than useful for the many medical marijuana patients out there, and don't worry....you can pick recreational as a symptom as well! 


On-boarding is EASY, and will make sense to everyone, whether you are tech-savy or not. The first steps include a simple questionnaire where you fill out your name, email, age, etc. From there you will are asked about your condition (Don't worry, THE LIST IS EXTENSIVE, so your condition will definitely be on there), what your symptoms are, and what strains you are currently using for treatment. Everything Strainprint needs to know about you is input into a very user friendly interface.


Another cool feature, is that if your strain isn't listed (all strains from the Canadian licensed producers are already there) you can easily add it to the database. This is incredibly important considering the fact that new marijuana strains seem to pop up EVERY DAY!


One more little addition that we didn't expect, was their game-like points system!  Strainprint rewards it users for actually tracking their consumption...something you should WANT to do anyway. Rewards from Strainprint's points system include everything from Strainprint-branded beanies, all the way to high end vaporizers.  Kudos from us on this feature.


What We Didn't Love as Much:


Overall? Strainprint is a real winner in our book. There were only minor critiques from our experience while using the app. It would be fantastic for their to be more of a social-media integration aspect within the app. For those who proudly consume cannabis and don't care who knows it, it could be highly shareable stuff.  Wouldn't it be great to see what strains our friends liked, and why? Besides that, we can't knock Strainprint on anything. 


Final Takeaway (OUT OF 5)



Strainprint solves a big need for a large group of people, and does it quite well.  Not only would we recommend Strainprint to patients, but also to friends and others who partake in the joys of cannabis on a recreational level.


If you want to give Strainprint a try, you can download it from Google Play HERE or the Apple App Store HERE.


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