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Facts You Need to Know About Cannabis

October 15, 2020


Cannabis has some proven health benefits like relieving arthritic discomfort, reducing the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and so on. However, when you abuse cannabis, it may actually harm your health in numerous ways. Also, federal laws in the U.S. have made it challenging to research the full impact of marijuana on humans. Despite new form factors like edibles becoming more and more popular, even still, there are still minimal findings on edible cannabis. Instead of relying on propaganda out there, the article below will let users know a bit more about cannabis. 


Cannabis, Crime, and Delinquency


Most people believe that the abuse of pot is more common among criminals than any other group. However, there is no evidence of the relationship between pot use and illegal behavior. Evidence from Colorado and Washington shows that property criminality and other violent crimes reduced a year after the introduction of cannabis trades in 2014. Another earlier theoretic research in 2012 inspected whether medical marijuana clinics had some relations with law-breaking. The outcome of the investigation detected there were no cross-sectional associations between crime and the rise of medical marijuana clinics.


Pot Smokers and Whether They're Heavy Users


Contrary to what you have heard about cannabis, the fact remains that it may take some time before you feel its effects if you are a first-timer. For example, weed online Canada has several written points when it comes to cannabis and its safety. You don't have to develop cannabis dependency unless you are using it for the wrong purpose. About 50% of people using cannabis take it in lesser than 12 days. Another one-third of pot smokers have consumed marijuana for about ten days in a year. In America, 30 million smokers older than 12 years take pot daily according to research done by the internal survey data.


Cannabis and Cancer


A study done in 2018 and printed in the Thoracic Oncology journal indicated whether cannabis and lung cancer had some relation. The research findings also indicated whether cannabis could ease the pain in cancer patients. Other issues from the investigations showed that up to now, they are yet to find out the relation between heavy marijuana smokers, and the contraindication of tobacco with cannabis use.


Cannabis and Mental Ability


Some recent researches indicate that cannabis use can result in short-term memory if abused. But there is no scientific proof that regular cannabis use can be harmful to your health. Also, taking cannabis will not interfere with your mental ability. This is because very few people will suffer from panics, or paranoia after taking cannabis at first. Like many factors, this too has side effects. But, when it is taken in the right dosage or as per the prescription given by the certified physician, you can prevent the effects and enjoy it fully.


The Bottom Line 


Whenever you take cannabis, it will activate your brain's reward system to regions managing the sex and eating response. Cannabis works by activating the neurons in your reward system, thereby bringing a rise in dopamine levels than witnessed in the natural stimuli response. According to weed online Canada, when you combine cannabis and steroids, you will experience physical and mental calm from anxiety, dependency, depression, rapid heartbeats, and so on. As long as you correctly use cannabis, you will not suffer from unwanted side effects. Also, seek counsel from professionals before you embark on using marijuana.

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