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How Does Smoking Cannabis Contribute to Your Social Life?

April 8, 2020

 (Photo Credit - Circ OD from Pixabay)


Over the past few decades, people’s attitude towards cannabis has changed, and so have the state laws. In 2020, 11 states allow recreational use of cannabis, and its medical use is legalized in 33 states. It’s strictly prohibited for any use in 3 states and decriminalized in 16 - which means that recreational use is illegal, but there are some medical marijuana programs and possession of small amounts doesn’t result in jail time.


The idea of legal medical marijuana brings out polarized opinions. However, it’s the legalization of recreational cannabis that’s the most controversial. States who are in its favor, point out its positive aspects, while states who are against it focus on its drawbacks. In this article, we will discuss both the positive and negative aspects of cannabis use and how it contributes to your social life. Keep on reading to get a better view of this issue!


Quick Recap


According to Reno Nevada dispensary experts, the key to safe and optimal use of cannabis is in moderation. It’s also essential to purchase good quality products from a trusted source. Nevertheless, the opinions differ when it comes to two natural cannabinoid compounds commonly found in plants of the cannabis genus - THC and CBD. Let us remind you real quick what the fuss is all about.


Cannabidiol, a.k.a. CBD is extracted from either hemp or marijuana. Marijuana plants contain higher concentrations of THC alongside it, while in hemp plants the concentration of THC is lower than 0.3%. CBD, unlike THC, is a non-psychoactive compound, which means it doesn’t result in the sense of euphoria. On the other hand, THC is the primary psychoactive compound that gives you the sensation of high. You can consume it by smoking cannabis, and it’s also available in oils, tinctures, capsules, edibles, and more. Both compounds are chemically similar to your body’s cannabinoids, which allows them to interact with your cannabinoid receptors. They are sometimes used to treat similar ailments. CBD can be applied to treating conditions such as pain, seizures, inflammation, depression, anxiety, migraines, psychosis, or some mental disorders. THC is used to help with conditions like insomnia, anxiety, low appetite, pain, or muscle spasticity. 




Despite their chemical similarities, CBD and THC have very different effects. Overall, CBD is tolerated well, even in larger doses, and possible side effects result from its interactions with other medications. It also doesn’t cause euphoric effects. When it comes to THC, it can result in temporary side effects. These include red eyes, slower reaction times, dry mouth, increased heart rate, coordination problems, and sometimes memory loss. These side effects occur due to THC’s psychoactive properties. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that neither of the compounds is fatal.


The Bigger Picture


Countless studies have corroborated the positive effects of CBD, and the use of cannabis for medical purposes raises fewer and fewer eyebrows as the years go by. It’s clear when you look at the statistics - more than half of the US states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes and other states are expected to follow. However, THC still raises some concerns. Why do people use it so eagerly? In simple words - it’s another way to make them feel good. Psychologists have established that longing for pleasure and comfort, and the need to avoid pain are the most crucial drives that influence human behavior. You probably also know the saying that humans are social creatures. This is why cannabis consumption, along with the physical effects on the body, affects us socially as well.


Effects on your Social Life


Social consequences of cannabis use can be both positive and negative. Opinions on cannabis consumption have changed within society and in many circles, it is widely approved. This approval leads to the feeling of group inclusivity and connectedness. Smoking cannabis can help you create a new network of friends and widen your social circle. You enter a welcoming community, engage in similar activities, and gain knowledge on safe and responsible use. What’s more, positive effects encourage further use in the future. However, problems arise when cannabis consumption gets out of hand.


Cannabis affects people differently. Psychoactive properties of THC can influence your behavior in a way that changes your personality and behavior. Studies show that people who use cannabis excessively can become unmotivated and unproductive. Instead of helping with conditions such as depression, anxiety, and personality disorders, it can make them worse. It can also impair their cognitive skills such as memory, information processing, learning, and attention. Heavy abusers of the substance report that their excessive use and even addiction impact their social life, career status, cognitive abilities, and both physical and mental health in a negative way.


Overall, it’s quite easy to see why some people would like to consume cannabis recreationally. Not only can it positively influence your body, but it can also strengthen your bonds with other members of your community. Nevertheless, this doesn’t apply to excessive use of cannabis. Reason and moderation are your best bet.


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