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New Year, New Me: How Weed Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions

December 27, 2017


After all the Christmas and Hanukkah gifts have been exchanged for things you actually wanted, it’s time to quickly move on to more important endeavors such as narrowing down which “new year, new me” goals you’re going to post on Facebook. Our ancestors once referred to this process as “making New Year’s resolutions.”


But this isn’t just any old New Year for many Americans living in states where 2018 will be their first full year with access to legal marijuana. So, maybe weed is the missing link for the 80 percent of people who give up on their resolution by February, lasting only slightly longer than the Amazon gift card their Secret Santa swap produced.


Every year, at the beginning of January, humans across the globe place immense pressure on themselves to correct many of the negative patterns they’ve wanted to cease all year but couldn’t. The added support of everyone else fake-quitting bad habits in January and February combined with hashtags may explain why people wait until the first of the year to kick themselves into gear. But regardless of the reasons, let’s embrace the season of inner reflection and change.

I want to get more rest/go to bed earlier this year


We’re beginning with this resolution because of its critical importance, not only to your sustained health and well-being but also to the success of other resolutions on this list. A lack of sleep and the resulting exhaustion that builds will produce dire effects on a person’s ability to eat healthier, exercise, and maintain interpersonal relationships or jobs. Luckily, this is an area of strength for cannabis and a wide variety of products will offer immense help.


Cannabis strains that have more Indica-dominant traits will be your best friend if you hope to get more sleep in 2018, as the stronger varieties offer such full-bodied effects that you may not even be able to pick something on Netflix before your head hits a soft cushion. If you’re an experienced smoker who needs that little bit of extra help acquiring top shelf ZZZs, try strains that are high in CBN — the cannabinoid THC degrades to as it ages and oxidizes — like Strawberry Haze, Kosher Kush, or Death Star OG.


If you’re also trying to cut back on smoking this new year, an edible can be a great replacement that’s far healthier for your lungs. Plus, the alternative consumption method is absorbed through your digestive system which can provide for more intense body highs and sleep-inducing effects — though they can take much longer to kick in than smoking or dabbing. Try FlavRX’s multidose chocolate bars for a consistently distributed infusion that will have you boasting full night slumbers all the way into 2019.

I want to drink less alcohol


Addiction is a serious subject matter and alcohol is one of the most difficult substances to quit once it has you in its grasp. One benefit of expanded legalization has been the willingness of (some) established alcohol brands to explore the possibility of cannabis-infused alcohol-replacement beverages for customers in search of a viable alternative. Now, those who wish not to partake in alcohol consumption may have a solution that allows them to unwind in social settings without the nasty hangover or risk of liver damage.


If you want to know if substituting marijuana for alcohol is working, ask people all over the country living in legal marijuana states who have been buying significantly less alcohol since the end of weed prohibition in their state.



If you don’t want to give up your nightly wine habit, don’t fret, there’s a sauvignon blanc hitting the market in 2018 from Rebel Coast Winery that’s stripped of alcohol and infused with a custom blend of Indicas and Sativas, running $69 per bottle.

I want to wake up early and be more productive


Stoners get a bad rap when it comes to being productive, but insiders have known for decades that the stereotype is simply not true. There are a ton of strains that provide an energized beam of focus every morning for goal-crushing wake-and-bakers everywhere. Whether you’re looking to get up at the crack of dawn to get your run out of the way or get some extra work done, strains like Jack Frost can provide just the extra kick out of bed in the morning you need to check everything off your to-do list.


Our expert strain reviewer Monterey Bud said of the strain in his latest review, “Take a puff of Jack Frost to get your heart rate going and your blood pumping before you go on a brisk autumn walk. Good for a nice head high that’s energizing, even motivational, Jack Frost will get your creative juices flowing and bring that much-needed smile to your face.”

I want to exercise more


Whether people want to gain weight or lose it, Jan. 1 is Black Friday for personal trainers and gym employees as all the resolutioners storm through the doors eager to change their lives by Valentine’s Day. The gym will be packed, so you must be efficient with your time and energy. Cannabis will help reduce any chronic pain or claustrophobic anxiety.


Whether you’re experiencing extreme soreness after not having worked out since January 2016 or simply a headache from having to wait in the longer than normal lines for the elliptical machine, weed offers a wide range of solutions.For muscle tightness and cramps, try some CBD topical ointment from Quality Resources before and during your workout and a strain with more balanced components once you get home to recover. A 1:1 strain or edible like the Medamints we recently featured in our Medical-Related Holiday Product Guide will give you the THC needed to relieve some of the post-workout aches and pains while the CBD will help reduce inflammation and curb the psychoactivity so you’re not toast for the rest of the day. Who knows, you may even be ready for round two in the evening.

I want to save money


While the advancement of cannabis processing technology has created sauces, distillates, and live resins that ramp up the price point of your dear old friend marijuana, there are still plenty of ways to cut costs and enjoy your buds on a budget.


If you’re unable to grow your own at home, Weedmaps has your back and points out the best deals on flower, wax, edibles, or whatever else you need in your neighborhood every day on their Deals page. Plus, most dispensaries and deliveries offer first-time patients an extra gift or discount on their order for trying out their service, many times throwing a couple of pre-rolls or small edibles into the bag — so visit some new shops.


When looking to bring down your monthly marijuana expenditure, there are simple things you can do at home that can go a long way. We’ve told you in the past about how leftover stems and trim can be used to make a very potent infused hot tea, and if you’re forced to buy lower quality products while funds are scarce, try eating a mango roughly 45 minutes before your smoke session to amplify the effects of your weed substantially. The myrcene terpene in the mango gives the cannabinoid receptors in the brain “the munchies,” amplifying the receptiveness of the cannabinoids in the cannabis.

I want to be nicer to people



We could probably all tack this on as a bonus resolution on top of whatever other goals we’re setting, and cannabis is one of the most fun ways to turn your frown upside down, which will in turn automatically improve the way you treat others around you — especially if you’re passing them a fatty of Friendship OG. Alright, that isn’t a real strain, but Utopia Farms’ C. Banana (aka Banana OG) is very real, as are the smiles it creates on the faces of its smokers. Stop rolling personals in 2018 and share the vibes with your fellow human beings. You might even make a new friend, weirdo.

I want a rewarding job


Over half of the American workforce is doing the bare minimum at work because they feel no real connection to their job. Imagine how many people would be increasing productivity and living up to their potential if they were simply employed in a field they were truly passionate about. Well, now that marijuana is legal in many places and poised to generate $31 billion in revenue by the year 2021, there are certainly job openings in every sector of the rapidly growing industry. And working in weed isn’t what you’re picturing. You don’t have to be a master grower or a trimmer if that’s not what you’re into — but that’s great if you are! Because of changing laws and massive new pools of resources, nearly every type of profession has found a new home for itself in the cannabis industry. From transportation to education to insurance sales, cannabis could offer you a way to work for something you believe in, finally.

I want to learn a new hobby


Learning to grow a plant (or five) at home is not only a fantastic way to ensure dangerous pesticides and additives steer clear of your stash, it’s also a valuable life skill that many find therapeutic and infinitely rewarding. It will take many, many seasons to master, but you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing you created something so beautiful and useful — even if it’s the worst weed you’ve ever smoked. As discussed in our Hardware Gift Guide, Green Box Grown offers users an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to pick up home cultivation as a new hobby.


If growing isn’t an option for you, there’s a wide range of marijuana-related activities you can learn in your free time that will leave you feeling far more fulfilled in life.


For instance, many people pick up baking when they’re bored or stressed, and the only scientifically-proven way to make baking even more fun is to involve a whole other kind of “baking.” Make some cannabis-infused butter and try your hand at homemade edibles.


If you’re looking for an even more intense cooking-related hobby, glass blowing is one of the most unique art forms on earth and will save you some money if you have a bad habit of breaking your glass pieces frequently (raises hand slowly).


This article was originally published on Marijuana.com


About Duke London: Used to write about music for XXL, Elevator, Complex, Genius, and a few other outlets. Follow @LongLiveTheDuke on Twitter if you’d like to read way fewer words by me.

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