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Pros vs. Cons: Smoking Marijuana Using Hemp Wick

August 30, 2017

 (Photo Credit - Emilian Robert Vicol)


The hemp plant has endless uses these days. Sure, the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper (since roughly 90% of all paper back then was hemp-derived), but these days people are even making automobiles out of hemp!


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Candles have been around for quite some time, but that doesn't mean that hemp wick isn't a major innovation for cannabis consumers. Hemp wicks come in all forms, but the most commonly used by smokers (and the most natural form) is the hemp wick coated in beeswax. Beeswax hemp wick is made by weaving the hemp fibers to make the wick, then coating the entire wick with layers of melted beeswax until it has the perfect amount.


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Smokers around the globe can all agree that using hemp wick will change the way you smoke your buds. With major advantages over the usage of traditional butane lighters - we figured it would be a good idea to share why we like hemp wick, why we don't, and also ways to use it effectively.


Pros of Using Hemp Wick to Smoke

  • Health: Whether you use a Bic lighter for your joints or a dab-torch for your shatter - that blue flame you're using as a heat source can be toxic. The fuel inside is called butane, and it's a "colorless gas with a faint petroleum-like odor." This gas can have short-term and long-term effects on your health. Without a flame, that joint you just rolled is almost useless...so having a flame is a necessary evil of smoking. With that said, you can use a hemp wick instead. With a hemp wick, there's no noxious butane fumes being inhaled! While you do have to light the wick with a match or lighter initially to get it going, you aren't inhaling it. 

  • Taste: Smoking with a hemp wick just plain tastes better...Without the fumes from lighters or matches, it allows for a smoother and tastier hit without the harsh feeling in the back of your throat. Cannabis strains have such unique tastes due to the terpene profiles among other things, and why mess that up with a petroleum taste? It only takes one toke with a hemp wick for you to see what I'm talking about. 

  • Sharing: When you and your friends pack a communal bowl, it's important to not burn the whole thing with one flick of your lighter. Everyone has seen it happen, and if you're next in rotation - it's not a good feeling. Some lighters have a short flame, others have a long flame...but with hemp wick it's up to you. 

  • Eco-Friendly: Smoking with a hemp wick only requires one spark of your lighter or one match. Smoking with a lighter is never a one-flick deal. Smoking with matches usually requires the entire booklet of them. Lighters are full of fossil fuel, and matches are bad for our forests. Let's all agree that smoking using an all-natural beeswax coated hemp wick is as green as it gets!



Cons of Using Hemp Wick to Smoke

  • Availability: As stated above, once you start using hemp wick to smoke, it's tough to go back. The only issue is when you run out on the fly, it can be hard to find at your local smoke shop or corner store. Obviously you can buy it online, but sometimes online isn't an option!

  • Portability: This is only a half-con, as you're in control of this. If you buy a big spool, cut a smaller piece to bring around...or even wrap a bit around your lighter. If you buy a smaller spool then be sure to keep an eye on it - your friends may try to steal it like they do with your lighters.



It’s safe to say that hemp is essential for the health-conscious and environmentally-conscious smokers out there. It's cheap, so there's no reason not to try it. So... what the heck are you waiting for?


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