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SLIDESHOW: 5 Marijuana Mobile Apps We Can't Live Without

August 2, 2017


Cannabis culture is advancing at an astounding pace. Finally beginning to shake the 'stoner' stigma of yesteryear, the cannabis space is quickly legitimizing itself as the brightest minds from tech, medicine, and finance join the industry. 


It's a long-standing generalization that coders and techies love consuming cannabis. HBO's show Silicon Valley puts this into perspective, as T.J. Miller's character Erlich Bachman takes at least one massive bong rip every episode. 



Whether or not this generalization is true, cannabis consumers all over the world can sit back and be thankful that the world of tech is starting to merge with the marijuana industry. We've determined five of our favorite marijuana-related mobile applications that our readers will love.


From cannabis consumers to cannabis investors - there's a mobile app out there for everyone! We've picked the best app from five categories - consuming, investing, munching, finding, and dating - to bring readers the absolute best. In no particular order, here's 5 mobile apps we think our readers will love:


Consuming: Strainprint



Our favorite mobile app for consuming cannabis has to be Strainprint. Calm down, you can't actually consume cannabis using the app - that would be crazy. What you can actually do with the Strainprint app is way cooler... Regardless of the symptom you're treating or how you happen to consume your cannabis, Strainprint allows its users to track their consumption in a smart way. Whether you're fighting off a major headache or treating your insomnia on a nightly basis, Strainprint helps cannabis consumers keep track of what's working and what's not.


We all know how many strains are out there, and we also know that the names can be confusing or misleading. Strainprint helps users cut through the noise to figure out which strains are actually working for them. Each and every time you consume cannabis, Strainprint has another data point that it can use to help you consume cannabis better.


You may think you know which strain works best for you. You also may think you know which consumption method (smoking, vaping, or otherwise) works best for you. Your memory fails you, data does not. While you may not have forgotten the way that tonight's joint of Blueberry Kush helped your migraine, the data may show that your migraine reacted better and subsided more rapidly with the Cherry OG you vaped last week. Get Strainprint and find out...


Strainprint is available for iPhone as well as Android. To download the Strainprint mobile app, check out the app's listing on the Apple App Store here, or the app's listing on Google Play here.


Investing: Robinhood



Our favorite mobile app for cannabis-related investing is definitely Robinhood. Whether or not you invest in cannabis companies, Robinhood is worth checking out.


No investor likes paying commissions for each and every trade they make. Whether you're buying or selling, stock brokers charge steep commissions for every transaction. These commissions add up, and eat away at the potential gains in your portfolio. The best part about the Robinhood app is the fact that commissions are free! That's right - $0 to buy or to sell.


This commission-free pricing structure allows an investor to buy shares of a company like 22nd Century Group (NYSE:XXII) at $1.47 per share this afternoon, and sell those shares at $1.52 per share in the after-hours session for a profit of 5 cents per share...plain and simple. If there was a commission charged, those profits would be diminished substantially if not wiped out completely. 


While the app does have its limitations when it comes to foreign-listed and over-the-counter listed stocks, Robinhood is a godsend when it comes to marijuana stocks listed on the big exchanges like the NYSE and NASDAQ


Robinhood is available for iPhone as well as Android. To download the Robinhood mobile app, check out the app's listing on the Apple App Store here, or the app's listing on Google Play here


Munching App: Seamless



Any cannabis consumer who's into indicas knows what it feels like to need food fast. When the dry-mouth hits, the countdown begins as you wait for your milkshake and fries to be delivered.


Getting a milkshake and fries delivered? It may seem ridiculous, but it an be difficult to get off your couch once the mellowing vibes have set in. Beyond that, it can be dangerous to drive a car to your local drive-through once you're impaired. All of these reasons combined are why Seamless has to be our favorite app for the munchies. 


The Seamless mobile app allows users to see what restaurants are delivering nearby. Not sure which restaurant has the best omelette? Just search omelette on the app and you'll see a list of all restaurants in your area that deliver omelettes and which ones have the best user ratings. Sure, everything tastes better when you're high, but no one wants to eat a bad omelette! 


Seamless is available for iPhone as well as Android. To download the Seamless mobile app, check out the app's listing on the Apple App Store here, or the app's listing on Google Play here


Dating: High There!



Many people are familiar with the most popular mobile dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, which have overcome many of the difficulties behind meeting the right match. One major pitfall of these aforementioned dating apps is that by the time you've realized that your date is anti-green...you've already ordered the appetizers.


If you're a cannabis consumer that wants to date a like-minded individual, you'll want to check out High There! High There! is the first-ever global dating app for the cannabis community that was created with a mission of connecting consumers in a judgement-free environment.


High There! is available for iPhone as well as Android. To download the High There! mobile app, check out the app's listing on the Apple App Store here, or the app's listing on Google Play here


Finding: WeedMaps



Weedmaps is the Yelp of the marijuana world. If you're looking for the best Mexican restaurant in town...go to Yelp. If you're looking for the best marijuana dispensary in town...go to Weedmaps


When it comes to a dispensary finder app, Weedmaps is by far the best given its user-generated reviews as well as full menu functionality for what each dispensary is selling. If you have a bad experience at a dispensary, Weedmaps is the plaform you'll use to let the world know. If you have a great experience at a different marijuana dispensary, share the love! 


Beyond just dispensaries, cannabis consumers can find doctors and deals in their area as well which keeps us coming back often. If there's half-priced eighths, we want to know about it!


Weedmaps is available for iPhone as well as Android. To download the Weedmaps mobile app, check out the app's listing on the Apple App Store here, or the app's listing on Google Play here




The marijuana-related mobile apps we've chosen for this list have a wide range of functionalities. Some of these apps are convenience focused, while others are just plain educational. Regardless, open up the Apple App Store or Google Play and get downloading!


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