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The 15 Best Songs to Listen To While High

April 11, 2017


We already know why music and weed go so well together. What we haven't gone over is what music goes well with weed.


Here's my list of the 15 best songs to listen to while high. Just to be clear: I am the all-seeing, all-powerful Music Lord and this list represents the objective truth of the universe. That is all.


Jimi Hendrix: The National Anthem

Let's be real: I couldn't make a list of the top stoner songs without this gem. Even though it's slightly obligatory, you can't deny the psychedelic powers this infamous performance has had on the public psyche. 


Miles Davis: Bitches Brew

You're gonna want to make sure you're in a safe environment when listening to this one. The 27 minute studio version is an intense trip down the dark, turbulent corridors of the inner mind. It might be the scariest 27 minutes you've ver had, but you'll come out a stronger person, trust me.


Grateful Dead: Box of Rain

Raw Californian sunshine in song form. This tune will brighten even the darkest of trips. Get high and listen to this song. It's what our forefathers wanted.


The Beatles: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Everyone knows that fake story about how John Lennon took LSD and named this song in its honor. Though the story may be false, the song stands out as one of the Beatles' most psychedelic and mind bending. It seems like this song gets weirder and weirder with every listen.


MIA: Paper Planes

"All I wanna do is boom boom boom boom and a kerrrk, CHING!" Everyone's a badass when listening to MIA's flagship single, and for good reason too. Even when sober, this song will leave you feeling like the floating paper plane you were meant to be.


Steve Miller Band: Fly Like an Eagle

Many will point to "The Joker" as Steve Miller's quintessential song but only the true fans know "Fly Like an Eagle" is the band's magnum opus. Who can forget that scene in Space Jam where Michael Jordan returns to basketball to the soundtrack of "Fly Like an Eagle"? Cinematic history. 


My Bloody Valentine: To Here Knows When

This is quite possibly one of the most psychedelic tracks in popular music you'll find. Listening to this song high will put you in a couch-locked trance so fast, you won't even remember you left your Pizza Bites burning in the oven.


Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit

It's the Summer of Love in 1967 but something in the air's not right. You turn of the lights to go to sleep but all you can hear is "feed your head, feed your head"  repeating over and over again. All of a sudden, a white rabbit appears in your room and chases you around the house. The only place to hide is in the fridge. Turns out, you were just hungry but, shit, that was scary.


Bob Marley: Jamming

It would be an insult to stoner culture worldwide if I didn't include a song by Bob. Out of all his beautiful tunes, this one always seems to steal my heart away.


Pink Floyd: Us and Them

"But like, dude, we gotta stick it to the Man, ya know?" "Us and Them" the perfect song to daydream to and contemplate how best to overrun the corrupt world we live in. It's the song you listen to with your philosophy professor after class while discussing the meaning of the universe.


Mazzy Star: Fade Into You

This one's a simple tune and a slow burner but, man, does it get my emotions flowing. One breath out of Hope Sandoval's beautiful lips and I'm on the floor crying with Cheetos stains all over my face.


Radiohead: Everything In It's Right Place

No one does introspective soul searching quite like Radiohead. You put on "Everything In It's Right Place" in the hopes of finding some sort of resolution in your life only to discover that there's no such thing. Thanks, Thom, for the heartwarming message.


Dr Dre. ft Snoop Dogg: Nothin' But a G Thang

"Nothin' But a G Thang" is patient zero: it's where weed and hip hop met. This infamous tune will not only go down in history as one of the crown jewels of weed culture, but it will also go down as one of the best collaborations in history. Long live Dre and Snoop. 


Santana: Black Magic Woman

One time I got so high listening to this song, I thought Santana was literally singing to me and that I was the Black Magic Women. Turns out I was mistaken but, hey, I can dream.


Sublime: Smoke Two Joints

You've probably already heard this song from the drug-rug-wearing guy next-door but you can't blame him for listening to this Rasta sunshine track. Nothing makes me smile more then when the guy in the intro sequence sneers "Reefer". The only thing that I never understood about this song is that it starts out with bong bubbles but it's called "Two Joints". I guess we'll never know.




Now read about why music sounds better when you're high!

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