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The 14 Essential Weed Accessories Every Stoner Needs

February 28, 2017


Is it just me or has smoking weed become more complicated? It seems like every day there's a new tool or gadget that can help you get high faster and more efficiently. Weed accessories are a whole division of the marijuana industry that makes it money from lazy stoners like you who are looking for the dopiest gadget to show their friends.


Here's our list of the Top 14 weed accessories every true stoner needs to have:


1. Grinder: an obvious necessity, grinders are the best way to dice up your weed without getting your grimy, slimy hands all over it. Nothing works better to grind your product into an even constancy for your joints, bowls, and bongs. And no, even your "advanced" scissor technique doesn't do the trick.


2. Air Tight Container: Some try Tupperware, others try socks but nothing keeps the skunk out more than a professionally made air tight container. These are a must have for any level of smoker if you want to keep your weed fresh and spill-free. I suggest you wash your socks, too.


3. Multi-tool Lighter: it's amazing what technology can do to something as simple as a lighter. You can easily spot a professional stoner by how many gadgets their lights have. Some come with wicks, steel pokers, tampers, and anything else you can imagine.


4. Ash Tray: a no brainer, ash trays are vital for any indoor smoker. You can tell everything about a smoker by the ash tray he uses. I suggest avoiding your friend with the Bob Marley ash tray: we get it, you like weed.


5. Rolling Tray: rolling joints, spliffs, and blunts can be messy. Using a rolling tray prevents your weed from spilling all over your apartment and keeps your gear all in one, clean space.


6. Joint Filter Tips: there's nothing worse than rolling the perfect joint and discovering that you forgot the filter. Glass filter tips are the best way to keep your joint from sealing over and turning into a weed mummy.


7. Roach Killer: these little cuties are a great way to make sure you smoke every last bit of your joints. If I got a dollar every time I burnt my fingers on the end of a joint, I could probably buy a few gallons of milk. The point is, it hurts and it will ruin your day.


8. Joint Roller: we're not all blessed by the Gods with the perfect rolling technique so some of us (cough cough) like to use joint rollers. Even if you are an expert at rolling, using one of these insures that every one turns out perfect.


9. Scale: ever wonder how much your dealer is ripping you off? Quit wondering and buy a weed scale. Now you can find out for sure how much money your dealer owes you. Good luck on getting that back. 


10. Dab Tool: for all the dabbers out there, this is crucial. Getting a real dab scooper prevents you from destroying any more of the pens and pencils you've been using to scoop out your oil. 


11. Blowtorch: another one for the dabbers. Since lighters don't burn hot enough for concentrates, you have to invest in a blowtorch if you're looking to ride the dab train. Sure, you'll look like an insane meth addict with one but who cares.


12. Pipe Screens: Every stoner knows the horrors of the Scooby Snack. A Scooby Snack is when a chunk of weed flies into your mouth when you're trying to light your bowl. Pipe screens prevent deteriorating weed from burning a whole in you throat.


13. Pipe Cleaner: Bowls and bongs, like the rest of us, get dirty over time. Every once and a while, you have to get all the grime off of your piece and pipe cleaner is the only thing that'll get the job done.


14. Air Filter: aka the sploof, these are for the secret smokers. Instead of blowing smoke all over your house and having your mom find out, blow out through an air filter and leave that smokey smell behind.


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