LC Solutions Michigan PLLC


LC Solutions Michigan PLLC is a full service accounting and CPA firm dedicated to advancing the cannabis industry. We offer full accounting cycle support and valuable tools for decision making, financial control, and compliance needs.  Our services include traditional CPA services, bookkeeping, CFO services and financial analysis, cost accounting and 280E compliance, tax planning and preparations, accounting system setup, business consulting, and more!  We provide all of our clients with full support they can count on, including timely responses for information, professionalism, and expert experience in business and financial awareness, as well as a helpful attitude as you navigate through the start up years under a highly regulated business environment!


We are thorough in our application of accounting best practices and support business integrity, ethics, and social responsibility. If you are looking for an accounting firm with hands on industry experience and a proactive approach, we may be right for you!  Our firm is woman and patient owned and committed to providing your business with the best service possible!

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